That in the year 1801, the first known individual to settle as “ALDEA” within the vicinity of Lao-angan was the person CEFERINO ACIBAR, a former resident of (Barrio) Barangay Bantayan the place where he actually explored is within Sitio Malarag, a place about less than a kilometer from the town proper of San Roque formerly Barrio Lao-angan which is the jurisdiction of Pambujan, Northern Samar. For about decade had pass, in the year 1820’s the family of ENCLINO Lubos arrived and settled within the are of what is known before as Manlayhop, but more known as MAROYONDOYON. It was presumed that this person is from Pambujan, N. Samar (known before as Pambo-ang). In 1830’sone Rafael Galupo known to have come from bohol also settled within the area of Naperes(meaning narrow strip of land). In 1856, the first settled in poblacion Lao-angan, now Municipality of San Roque, was AGUSTINO CISCAR, a courageous, intelligent and able bodied man, and the first who could speak Spanish fluently and wrights the alphabet. He was known to have come from palapag, N. Samar and he was also a traveled aid of the Representante Del Inspector Provincial, Don Recardo Agustin Ciscar, and he was also the first Cabeza de Barangay of Lao-angan now Municipality of San Roque, N. Samar.  He wa appointed by the provincial authorities through the Provincial Inspector. The Lao-angan becomes a visita(Visita means a formal call Barrio). During the Spanish Regime, it was common rule that the establishments of visitas be created in order that people within the area of a place should have for a formal call to receive instruction, decree, laws or regulation from the Representative of the government, and also where the people could pay thier attributes, contributions or exacting to government.

          In the year 1872, upon recommendation of Capitan Lucio Marino, the Parish Priest, junta Municipal or House of Elder, through Don Desales, a Provincial Inspector (localy known as SOMODOY) Lao-angan was created as one of the Barrio of the Municipality of Pambujan, by virtue of a RESOLUTION DECREACIONES DE CUERPO POLITICO of the Provincial Government of Samar. In the year 1896, an attempt was made by the people of Barrio Lao-angan or its citizens through Capitan Resto Jazmin, Capitan Mariano Sosing, Don Lazaro Soriano, Don Benito Ciscar, Don Florentino Flores and others, after a contribution or exaction from the people of about 860.00 Duros was accomplished for the creations of a township, but the same failed due to thefact that the American Expeditionary Forces landed at Calbayog, now Calbayog City, and the same year 1896, is beginning of the Philippine Revolution, then followed by the Philippine-American War headed by General Emilio Aguinaldo. In the year 1916, after the hostilities, Don Lecerio Sosing, Don Juan F. Abalon, Lazaro Soriano and Don Diego Merino tried another attempt for the creation of the Municipality of San Roque, but still the same failed, due to the objection of the Provincial Government. In the year 1957, a succesful attempt was being made, through the effort of Don Diego Merino, Don Juan F. Abalon, Pelagio Cagro, Froilan Lagrimas and others for the creation of the Municipality of San Roque. In the year 1960, Congressman Eladio Balite sponsored a bill for creation of the Municipality of San Roque, N. Samar through Republic Act No> 2102, which took effect March 16, 1960.


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