PARAYAN FESTIVAL 2024 Enchants Visitors with Colorful Celebrations

PARAYAN FESTIVAL 2024 Enchants Visitors with Colorful Celebrations.

The vibrant streets of San Roque burst with energy as the annual Parayan Festival captivated visitors from near and far. The festival, known for its dazzling displays of music, dance, and cultural performances, showcased the rich heritage of the locality. Revelers adorned in traditional colorful attire paraded through the locality, accompanied by rhythmic beats and joyous chants. Street vendors offered a tantalizing array of local delicacies, adding to the sensory

feast. Mayor Maria Ana G. Abalon lauded the event as a testament to San Roque’s cultural richness and unity. As the festivities continue, locals and tourists alike eagerly anticipate the grand finale of this enchanting celebration.

Winners of the Parayan Festival 2024 🏆
1st Prize: Tribu Talisaynon
2nd Prize: Tribu San Rafael
3rd Prize: Tribu Las Navas 2001
Consolation Prize: Tribu Ibabaonon

1st Prize: Tribu Bugasnon (Cluster of Zone 2, Zone 5, Zone 6 and Barangay Bantayan
2nd Prize: Tribu DaLaoKwatroDTres (Cluster of Brgy. Dale, Brgy. Lao-angan, Zone 4 and Zone 3)
3rd Prize: Tribu BBC-One (Cluster of Brgy. Brgy. Balud,Brgy. Balnasan, Brgy. Coroconog and Zone 1)
Consolation Prize: Tribu GiMaLPag (Cluster of Brgy. Ginagdanan, Brgy. Malobago, Brgy. Lawaan, and Brgy. Pagsang-an)



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